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pulsejet night run Answered

This is the simplest pulsejet you could make and costs only Rs.110 and has got a good throttling range,which you could see in the video..No need to strain much to start this engine it starts in a single attempt.

this has really got good thrust,tried to show an cloth near it but i was not able to do it,so much of force from the exhaust pipe..one day i will hook it up to a scale and find out the real thrust..

note: at the end when i tried to show a cardboard the engine got few holes in the welded parts..



Nice. However as to the "simplest pulsejet you could make" part I'm not so sure. I remember reading on Makezine about a pulsejet made of a jar. Here's a link. It may not be as practical (well, when you think about it, is any DIY jet engine truely practical?) and overall good as yours, but it's simpler and probably cheaper.

the jam jar jet may be the simplest pulsejet but it doesnt produce any decent thrust.If you see my very first instructable it is the simple pulsejet you could make produces a thrust of 2pounds and second is the one which you are seeing now poduces a thrust of 7pounds, the third one is the develpoment of the second engine poduces a thrust of 13pounds with the same diameter.you can use this 13pounds thrust to fix it to an rc airplane..

I am aware of the uselessness of the Jam Jar Jet, I was just pointing it out. And just wondering, how much weight could your 13 lb jet engine lift if used on a RC airplane (including the engine and plane)?

13lb thrust engine can fly your plane to a speed of 40 to 50 mph..

How DO you start it Ganesh ? The only pulse jets I've seen had to be moving to work.


There's often a leaf-blower or hair-dryer involved, pushing air into the inlet with the fuel.

There'll either be a spark-plug in the combustion chamber, or it will be heated with a blow-torch, until the cycle establishes itself and keeps the walls of the chamber hot enough to ignite the fuel.

Ah, so they'll continue once they are started with airflow ?
They look easy enough to make on a boring Sunday afternoon.....


it wont be that loud in real only the highly tuned engines will have create an ear blasting sound..example: i made a highly tuned chinese style if you hear that sound really you are gonna be deaf..here is my engine video..

you will feel really happy when your pulsejet starts,thats such an extraordinary moment.. :)

What is your name on youtube?

its "neem2345" on youtube..

... on the side of a bicycle??

That is going to be seriously uncomfortable to ride!

yes that was uncomfortable,iam changing the design to make the ride easy..

They all are - you'd best make one away from the neighbours, say, in a workshop in an industrial area...

Does it look the the original poster ran the engine inside his house?

yes the engine was done by me produces 40pounds thrust..And was tested in collage campus..making pulsejets for past 1 year..

Boring Sunday afternoon at a Maker Faire....
The red hot combustion chamber kinda scares me.

here is a clear explanation for you..initially through a sparkler into the combustion chamber and then switch on the fuel supply and the blow some air through the intake pipe,gets started and remove the air...it will automatically self sustain..


Any critical dimensions Ganesh ?
I might well make one this afternoon...

here is the dimesions picture..

note: flare the intake pipe compulsory..flare it from 3to3.5cm..place the fuel pipe at a depth of 4.3cm from the flare..the fuel pipe dia is 3mm..please dont use fuel pipe dia more than specified...

if you use sparkler it will be very easy to start...you can also use spark plug but its costly..


still doing some research to increase thrust,i.e designing an augmenter to increase thrust and reduce fuel consumption..Then i will surely fix it over a bicycle..

Mount it on a bicycle!