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pumpkin carvings :P Answered

well I got a little hyped up for halloween and I carved the first pumpkin for this year :D. I think it came out pretty great. (unfortunately it will probably wither and die before halloween in two weeks)


Do you think a coating of Polyurethane may help? You can get it in a spray can...

I used some petroleum jelly on all of the but edges to keep it from withering but it will probably only extend its life a few days. umm but polyurethane I'm not quite sure if it would work or not. might not stick because the pumpkin is wet.

Yeah, that was my second thought as soon as he said he might try it, I suddenly got the fear that it might only stick to the outer shell *sigh*

Polyurethane you use? I'll have to try that.

I am not sure if it will work or not....it may sheet off of it because of there being too much water in the pumpkin flesh.

So when exactly should we start carving...
I want to really get into carving this year, but not sure on when to start.

probably the best time to start would be 2 or 3 days before halloween my pumpkin will probably wither away so I'm going to make another before halloween