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pyro maniac addiction? Answered

i need to stop being a pyro but i cant like yesterday i was making thermite and blowing it up and today im probaly gonna make armstrongs mixture can anyone help with this addiction?


Burn yourself, having a bad experience while doing something you love can put you off. OR When you get violently ill THEN be a pyro (every time you burn stuff after that you will remember being ill and not want to do it again. OR Just burn stuff till your hearts content but this is not recommended ;)

so if i burn myself i wont be a pyro? congradulations you are my 300th comment

Thanks! Theoretically you should be put off burning stuff but It would be pretty unpleasant. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with burning stuff in a controlled environment. :)

well i just felt i was doing it too much so i overclocked a ligher and put my hand in the flames for 4 seconds now i havenbt touched fire sice thankyou

Your Welcome! I hope you hand heals soon and you can find another hobby to occupy your time. Take care, Moderator