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question about kitchenaid mixers Answered

My family has a 250watt k45ss kitchenaid mixer that my family uses to mix up stuff to bake. My mom with in the past 2 or 3 months has started using it to grind wheat, and she is concerned that she is wearing the thing out. She wants to know if the thing needs oil since it is making a grinding like noise at low speed, and an unfamiliar hum a high speed. so is there anything to be concerned about? (note: the mixer is about 20 years old)


I spun the drive head by hand while cleaning it in the upright/open position and grease started leaking out of the back of the drive head. I called KitchenAid and they said that isn't a problem and not to worry about it. Mine makes grinding noises too (before the leak also). It's been doing that since new. They run for decades so I'm not that concerned. I'd like to crack it open but I don't want to mess with it. Not that I don't trust myself to put it back together - it's just such a great tool, I don't want it to be down for any time. What I'd really love is a teardown. Those things are so powerful - think of the machines you could run with it.

I would concur with some of what is written here already, at the age of 20, there is bound to be some dirt and grit (even metal shavings) in the bearings and such. It may continue to serve you if you can get to those bearings easily enough to clean them up and repack them in grease. If they fall out of the race when you take them out, you may have a lost cause though. They just may be a little too worn...

If it is still under warranty, send it in for repair. Depending on your own mechanical skills (and if it not under warranty) you may want to do a self chekup/service. Things like lube, bearings, cleaning. Also, I tried to grind coffee beans with one once and found it had to be done at a mid-high speed for the mixer to be under no strain.

You might be having a lack of oil / grease issue, I guess it's common in kitchen aid mixers, and you don't want to run it for to long if there is an oil issue because you will damage the gears in the transmission if they are not lubricated, and grinding wheat puts lots of strain on a small 250 watt motor like that and you might want to check your grinder attachment for any unusual wear or signs of another problem....

Here's a few good websites with info on fixing them http://www.howtomendit.com and http://www.fixya.com/

. Sounds about right. . If you will clean all the bearing, gears, &c and replace all the 20 yo lubricants, you may still have a good blender. If you run it while it is making grinding noises, it probably won't last very long. . The noise at low speed may be 60 cycle hum.