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question about something important Answered

perfect me if im wrong but i dont think the following instructables should be in this contest: Super mario bros! LED mushroom halloween pumpkin LED handie LED & Fiber Optic New Years Party - HacknMod.com they entered before the competition started. please say if im right. thank you EDIT: thanks for all of your answers! this is good to know i guess otherwise i wouldnt sleep this night goodnight everyone Dunnos


We go through and remove entries that aren't in the correct date range periodically. Soon this system will be automated, but for now there might be a bit of a delay. So don't worry, we're paying attention.

Can you clear up a question I had... Are Led related projects only counted, because some aren't led related and I thought the rules were to make something with/related to Leds... or is it just anything?

i suppose this means my variable pulse, square wave generator powered jacobs ladder plans with led that lights up when the spark gap fires does not count?

I don't know I asked becasue i didn't know what was going on, it has an led though...

actually, im planning somthing a tad more complex and led related

good stuff, I'm in the process of doing a few LED things, including modifying a bike light to have a brake light function... and special history based one../

Again, its led-related, but people add them to the contests, even though they aren't allowed. Don't worry, they're removed before judging ;-)

God I really do fail to see the logic in people... It's a contest called get the LED out, what does that say to you?

Still, people might think its automated or something :P Who knows...

Don't worry, they check the publishing dates. However, if the posters make a significant improvement or alteration to the 'ibles, and re-publish them, then they would be eligible.

is this the real kitewife? or an imposter? you should introduce us, kiteman if it is the real kitewife, way to give the thumbs up on the new kitemobile! lol.... and welcome. although I have suspision your already quite familiar with the site

It is the real Kitewife - she needed an account to collaborate on the scarf (although really I was collaborating with her).

I'm having trouble persuading her to do some more stuff - she reckons it's not so clever if she uses somebody else's pattern, but since the patterns are utter gibberish to me, I reckon it is.

She really should have an avatar - how about something like this?



very good :-)

Errr... I'll ask her later ....

Don't worry - the staff will check the dates. There's a lot of concern over this lately!