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question about thermal fuses Answered

i have a blown thermal fuse in one of my fog machines,it is 10 amp 250 volt 133 degrees c.can i by pass it safely?(there is high temp limit switch on heating element)or can anyone tell me where i can get one or its equivalent?i found some online but they in thailand.hoping someone who knows more than me can tell me where to get this locally.the blown fuse has some numbers on it :se fuse sf129 e tf 133 degrees c please help


I was able to find a replacement thermal cutoff (for my coffee maker) at Radio Shack, of all places.  Any good electronic components shop (even Fry's) should be able to sell you an SF-129E. 

Ahem, perhaps I'm wrong.  I just checked DigiKey; they have three TCOs with a 133C cutoff, but the biggest is only rated for 2A.  How do you know it needs to be 10A with that low a cutoff temperature?

thats what the fuse has printed on it.

I put "SF129E" into Google and got confirmation (thanks!).  Here's the datasheet from the first hit.

The closest DigiKey gets is a 141C 250V/10A cutoff from Cantherm.  Jameco doesn't seem to carry TCOs at all.