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quick release Answered

   i am planning on making a quick release (like the one below). only one problem..... i don't know exactly how it works. can some one make a diagram showing how it works or make an instructable. i would like and appreciate any type of help but a diagram would be most helpful. thanks and well see what happens.


i got a diagram from them so thanks for every body's answers and comments.....

the freepatentsonline.com is not the on cause that one had two claws that had to open and the one above in the photo has one claw that has to move. but thanks if you find anything else ill be interested.........

Maybe if you look at the patent diagram and close one eye, you should have what you are looking for. The underlying principles should be the same or give you a clue to mod the search terms with one claw instead of two but I was too lazy to do that.

could you make a diagram and post it?..... that would be most helpful you know at this point...................................................???????????????????????

My meanie-english translator is confused by what you just said. Care to elaborate?

do you understand the drawing that caitlinsdad posted? like how that mechanism works?

the "two claws" are linked to that dogleg at the top of them, which is linked to a pin that's linked to a lever. if the lever is pulled towards the eyelet at the left end of the device it pushes the open ends of the claws together. if you push the lever away from the eyelet it pulls the open ends apart (of course there are a bunch of springs and what not in there that are doing most of the closing/opening work)

surely couldn't be that difficult to extrapolate that into a one claw model.

also, perhaps the make/model of the one you posted a picture of, and what exactly you're wanting to do with this quick release (and what you're planning on making it out of) could be a bit of help as well.