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quilt hanger? Answered

I want to hang a quilt as a wall hanging. and need to know how to attach material to the quilt to make the hanger.



8 years ago

The first two answers are do-able, but check out the products offered by The Hang-Ups Company.  HangUpsCompany.com   Pretty neat little clips that can go over push-pins or nails or be hung with 3M adhesives across the top of your quilt.  You wouldn't need to attach a sleeve.

If you do decide to sew a sleeve, they have instructions you can click on "How to sew a sleeve" at the bottom right of the home page.  They have a neat invisible quilt hanger called "No See Ums" that will hang with 3M adhesive strips and is really easy to use.  I have used one for a quilt in our bedroom.   

There are a number of solutions available which don't require adding any fabric at all to the quilt. Google "quilt hanger" for many different options, but you can make your own out of two 1x2 boards that are a little longer than the top edge of your quilt.
Paint or stain the boards to the color you want, then put a strip of foam weatherstripping tape along one side of each board. Place one board on the floor with the weatherstrip facing upward. Lay the top edge of the quilt onto the board, with just about 1/2" hanging over the top. Lay the second board on top of the quilt and the first board with the weatherstrip facing down. Clamp or screw the ends of the boards together, clamping the quilt between the boards.
You can now hang the boards onto the wall using shelf brackets, curtain brackets, eye hooks & string, whatever.
You can do basically the same thing using three round dowels - fold the top edge of the quilt over one dowel, then add a dowel in front and one in back to hold the fold closed, trapping  the center dowel inside. Secure the ends of the outside dowels together with rubber bands, twine, hose clamps, whatever, and hang as above.


8 years ago

I have seen this done using dowel. The rods of wood?

A rod is put in the bottom hem (which you will need), and another in the top hem (same). You will need to put screw-in hooks on the upper rod ends, and then attach an attractive chain to those hooks.

The whole thing is then hung like a picture!

Good luck!