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"Britain from Above's" beautiful visualizations of data Answered

The new BBC series Britain From Above has some amazing graphic visualizations of data, including GPS, telephone exchange activity, etc. The patterns are quite organic and very beautiful...

BBC story on Britain from Above


My company produced all the GPS based animations for the series. www.422south.com

Ah I saw this on the news last night. Looks really sweet.

Ooh! Yes! The visualization of massive quantities of transportation data is actually taking place in a number of U.S. cities as well. This was on display at NYC's MOMA during Design and the Elastic Mind, and so I'm guessing that Britain's version of it was secondhand. During my visit I got to watch NYC taxi cabs zip across the blackened city, air traffic, "chatter", and vessel movement, but the display @ MOMA allowed you to track individual elements through their journeys, which was particularly awesome. I'll see if I can find a link to the display, I'm pretty sure that it was streamable.

This is nice, looks like that pic is one on either GPS or mobile usage as the motorways appear to be the feature around the town, I think

The big knot in the center is an aircraft or two in holding patterns, waiting for the OK to land...

Never thought of it being an airport, I was just looking at it logically, the motorways being the only places with reception in some bits...

gmoon are you in the uk?? and do you know when this is on i want to watch it, thanks

Nope (between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.) But the BBC link above has the time/date for the first episode....

It's very weird to see these things formatted in such a way. I'd like to see this done on a larger scale. :D

As in larger scale display? An IMAX feature would be amazing...

Larger scale display or the earth as a whole. I'll take either. :)


9 years ago

Cool! I remember seeing an article about that same topic, only it being with American Airways and such. Very interesting subject.