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"I Beat You" K'nex Challenges! Answered

Hey hey TheDunkis here! I want to introduce you guys to Ibeatyou.com For those who don't know ibeatyou is a site for online competition. I made a Knexperts group for everyone on instructables. So hurry and sign up so I can get on with the first challenge. By the way I'm hoping to make most of my challenges with videos so it would help if you had a camcorder or better. I'll still have some picture competitions so you with normal dig. cams can still join. I also need a good knexpert here to be a captain in my group to help out.
I was thinking this would be something fun to do because we would get to meet each other through videos and have some nice friendly comp...ah heck we're going to brag and smack talk at each other!! So remember sign up, join my group, and wait for our first challenge. Any ideas anyone? No I will not make any contest related to power...or large size.


make more contests!

lol if you're in the group you can make your own contests. Feel free to come up with anything knex related.

Alright the first challenge is coming up. In case anyone is wondering I'll make it rather easy so that people will want to participate more. The contest will be on the best mini version of a normal knex gun. So start building. And remember you can't compete until you join the group!

C'mon I'll be posting the challenge today and I only have 3 other members!

you should actually tell people... like in person. Ask (If you want) everyone who I suggested in your other forum...

No problem! Can only the captains make contests or can anyone?

Yeah I suppose I should I was just too lazy to do it in the first place. Alright yeah so pretty much the people you selected as favorites at first?

Yeah, I bet thats the bulk of the people who would go for it.


9 years ago

I joined and I'll be a captain if you still need one. By the way you could probably make a gun out of your TD avatar.

Thanks to I_am_Canadian and dsman for joining! Sorry silentassasin (by the way assassin is spelled wrong in your name) I have my captains for now. There is a chance I'll need more later though.

most likely after I made that comment. Or at least I did for sure before I knew you joined but thanks!