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"In Time" movie clock Answered

Hi! I dont know if here its a good place to talk about this idea but..here i come.

First of all I just saw "In Time" movie, that from Justin Timberlake you know, and I was thinking about the green clock in their arms.
I thought that I can do it with a projector or somekind of stuff like that..( like a PIPBOY 3000 from fallout, projectin right on my arm).
But Imnot happy with that way so Im here asking for help... Would you know how to do a subcutaneous clock or maybe some transparent film around arm with leds, i dont really know. Brainstorming here please!

Note: Sorry for my english, Im not a native english speaker and thanks for your time reading!


Thanks for your answers! And yes, that was my first idea. I thought about two transparents sleeves and vacuum between one and another with some transparent plastic, water and leds i think its posible.

The only thing I can think of would be just to have a projector somewhere (maybe on your sleeve?). Kiteman's idea is great. maybe like that under one of those fake tattoo sleeves, but without the tattoos.

Subcutaneous would be FAR too difficult for DIY, but maybe you could embed a green LED display in a prosthetic sleeve?