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"Pattern", Raw Stats on iblers Who answered My Questions. Answered

OK, Here are the rough results on the questions I asked recently in the forum "Looking for a Pattern Here". Some of the answers were open for interpretation, so there is a margin for error here. THere were 19 folks who helped me out so far, and here's what I came up with. Nothing scientific by the way, just interesting. 1. Grades: 12 had consistently good grades (B or higher), 3 had a C average, and 4 were the whole spectrum (A-F). NOthing surprising there to me. 2. Handedness: Only 3 lefties! 16 Righties, with a couple of those being almost ambidextrous. I know statistically, that 3 lefties is high (compared to average), but I just expected more on this site. 3.Reading Materials: This one was hard to quantify, and there were a lot who read tech stuff, but there were a surprising number of novel-readers (8-9), and one (mainly) comics reader! (Somehow I still respect you Bumpus!) 4. Language: 8 were truly Bi-lingual or Multi-lingual, of the remaining 11, about half had some "foreign language" awareness/experience. 5. Home Life: I was pleasantly surpised to see that overwhelmingly most (16)of the respondents grew up in 2-parent homes. With the current divorce rate, I expected very different numbers. Of the other 3, there were diverse family situations. 6. Optimist/Pessimist: 11 optimists, 6 pessimists, 2 mixed. I genuinely expected more pessimists (You guys are so young!). 7. Religious/Spiritual vs. Agnostic/Irreligious: 8 were religious or spiritual, 9 were not religious, 2 were non- categorizable (sp?). 8. Priorities: Unquantifiable, but there were a lot who's priorities centered around family. The other few leaned towards personal success/enjoyment. 9.Succes of Projects: 10 were some variety of procrastination, 3 were consistent successes, 2 tended to quit before finishing, and the other 4 were some (hard to classify) mixture of the others. What do you think? What does this all mean? I'll be trying to cross-reference the stats to see actual patterns or correlations in the above traits.


. Wellllll, your sample size is much too small to get any valid statistics, but if you want to run some "real" stats there are plenty of statistical analysis programs around. I did a little work with SYSTAT for my ex about 10 years ago. This comparison of statistical packages might help.

Yea, a sample size of 19 is not nearly adequate for any real statistics. I'd really like to have a group of more like 500, and run real stats. This just gives an idea of what's comon amoung those we see frequently in certain forum areas.

I'll talk to the local Psych class if you like, the professor's always having them do surveys and welcomes topics.

I'll make a list. Caitlinsdad and I were talking about optimist/pessimists and their preferences for shotguns vs. rifles. That would be an interesting one.

Well, sometimes intelligence does not correlate with common sense.

Definitely. In fact, extreme intelligence often seems to preclude common sense.

I happen to be a Lefty also.


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  • I was pleasantly surpised to see that overwhelmingly most (16) of the respondents gre up in 2-parent homes. Those stats are unheard of these days.
I dunno. "only" 50% or so of marriages end in divorce, and some of those remarry, and perhaps one should assume that couples with children are somewhat less likely to divorce. There are some statistics here that say about 60% of the population IS married, and only 10% IS divorced. Also 68% of households with kids are "family households."

So while there are a lot of single parents, I wouldn't call it "unhead of" for the majority of kids to be living with both parents...

BTW- After your comment I edited the topic.

I guess I was mostly thinking of the divorce rate, I'll try to look at stats regarding one parent households.