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"What Is It?" Contest #1 =WINNER: Dorkfish92= Answered

Winner: Dorkfish92

The Answer: IT is a water bottle holder that clips onto your bed and it also holds your iPod. Look at the pictures for more info.

This is a contest I am starting where I show you a picture of something made out of knex, and you have to guess what it is for, and what it does. Here are the pictures for the first contest.


I meat any kind of bottle holder.. Most of us dont have beds that are like yours anyway...

Yeah, but that's what makes the contest so hard.

i wouldnt put an ipod there , might break or drop

A water bottle holder? Paintball container holder? SOME sort of holder?

Correct! It is a water bottle holder that can clip onto the side of your bed.

Yay! What do I win? The satisfaction of me knowing I won? Lame. Hehe.

Uh..... you win.... the privilege of being awesome!!!!!!!!

Yes! It's just what I always wanted! Erm..do I have to pay for shipping? What about handling?

Don't worry we pay for everything,
except insurance

a rod holder that clips onto the knex bins and holds grays

I figured it out!!! An object that you created out of a construction system invented by Joel Glickman that is too difficult for us to figure out the use for!

I know!!! It's a K'nex thing that you use for the "What is this" contest!

Is it a model of the building where they launched those rockets like the one that went to the moon?

crap. is it.........an open cage?

it looks a bit like a coffee mug

It does, but its not a coffee mug.

Side view is a bit dark...

I clips onto your trousers i think! is is a holster?