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raspberry pi touch screen Answered

i have this touch screen
is there anyway that i can hook it up to my raspberry the screen works on my ardino uno


Is that all you have ? A photo ? How about a datasheet ?

why do you need a data sheet you know what i have and so you can look for one online

Yes, if you can handle Pi programming, you can hang one of those boards off the GPIO connections on it, and make it work.

because you are better then i am I'm stuck and don't know what to do I'm getting really frustrated I've gone on like 8 sites to ask this please can you just help me.

You are trying to do something novel, that takes effort !

Take a look at the R-pi sites that talk about hardware interfacing to begin with. You're going to have to port the arduino code - which will give you all the internal setups you need for the display and touch units - to a compiler on the Pi, of whatever flavour you can program in.

I'm sorry, but I can't do this sort of thing for you.

Because we don't want to do work that you could do yourself. Show the initiative that you've tried a few things to find the answer and the tech people will be more likely to help with specialized advice instead of doing the boring groundwork part.

wait sorry i realized the picture didn't work heres another link


so is there a way to hook it up to the raspberry pi