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hey, i made a few comics because i was bored, tell me what ya think (yup, stick figures(i was bored, not an artist)) sorry about small size, it was much bigger when i made them


My honest opinion: The first one. Ummm. I don't like it very much, even though I have experienced that before, when I said that halo sucked. The second one, I chuckled. The third one. Don't really get it. The fourth one. Just awesome.

Reminds me of Robot Chicken...

the 2nd one made me laugh a little to myself inside Laughing Quietly to myself lqtm

that dude is awesome! i forgot his name...

I found the last two to be funny, even after re-reading.

eh, you got your facts wrong....ps3 actually is better than 360....for various reasons from online play, to graphics, to the blue ray player, to the multimedia, to the controllers. 2/10....wasnt that funny.

Work on drawing andtry and find some stuff that you already poke fun at to use as material, the muffin one is interesting, however your competition is a little bit in front to say the least... I used to do comics for fun and am going back to finish art in college this year, he's got me beat...

Umm... No comment.

This isn't a good time to toss in cartoons...you have unbeatable competition.

yah, i guess... i was bored when i made em, and i just wanted to see if people liked em or if i justhave a twisted sense of humor

... or if i justhave a twisted sense of humor

Your sense of humour in the two last comics (heads and muffins) is compatible with mine.


I like the two last ones. I find them funny.

However, you forgot to respect an important rule about comics :
- what must be read first should be at the top, and if possible, at the left.

For instance, in the last pic of the third comics, the position of "well at least I have a normal sized head" and "I'm very sensitive about my problem" should be inverted.
Else, you reader will tend to read "I'm very sensitive ..." first ...


I would give them a 3/10 just didn't find em funny