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rating knex guns and fsastr pics Answered

one thing I really dont get is people just rating knex guns by looks or because they like the user who posted it, personally I only rate guns that I have built, and the only gun on this site I have completely built was shadowninjas assault magnum.

oh heres pics of the fsastr (firestorm assault rifle) sorry there is no full pictures I haven't loaded hem up yet its a true trigger assault rifle removable yellow rod mag attatchable oodammo grenade launcher with top rails

picture notes
1-the mag
2-looks a bit like a halo battle rifle attatchments are foregrip and carry handle/sight
3-assault configuration short sight and oodammo grenade launcher
4-oodammo in launcher
5 grenade launcher


Looks only constitutes anywhere between .5-1* in my overall rating. It does affect the rating even more if it looks like the gun's performance is affected by the look.

btw, pictures of the full gun?

I rate guns according to: looks, range, comfort, power, accuracy and ease of use only looks can be rated without building the gun. full pics will probably only come on the ible

BTW- the fact that this doesnt have a bolt disproves most of the claims you have told me.

for the last time! this is not bolt action my other gun is! this is part 2 of project firestorm part 3 is the bolt action sniper! this is a completely different unrelated gun!

Oh. I already said this wasnt bolt action, you didnt have to repeat that. I didnt notice your comment about the part 2/3.

just thinking about taking some now. should i use the full gun with mods or just basic gun?

The front looks FN2000-ish. Looks good.

yeah with a certain setup it sorta looks like a halo 3 battle rifle

the good thing about this gun is the top rail, it can hold a large variety of attatchments and is also a scope

Looks good. Where did you get the green y connector??

I know where they come from, I was simply pointing out that there was one on the mag. The Lost Mines sets, by the way.

Looks nice, I like the mag!

yeah it has a realistic mag release, after you take off the rubber bands you can easily pull it out, also I realy hate mag push rods

Next time, take 1/2 a second to make sure you have not totally massacred the title, okay?

meh thats the coding I use for all the project firestorm guns: fssa, fsastr, and fssr I am trying to think about a better name but thats the official code