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re-upholster a motorcycle seat? Answered

I need to redo the covering on my motorcycle seat.  The bike is an old school bike not one of the newer "cruiser" or sport bike type.

there have been a couple of prior attempts and the original cover is gone.


Close to an idea but not applicable to my situation. My bike is a daily rider on the street and I need some what more padding for my application.

Thank you for your thoughts.


Hi, blkhaawk,
Thanks for the thoughts..I've found a couple of videos on YouTube and I went to my local library and between the two I've found a combination that will make the repair an actual upgrade. I'll get a better foam in the top of the seat and I get a different look for the upholstering. I've done away with the "piping" and gone to a 4 four fold seam (much like the seam you find along the outside of jeans).
I'm trying to talk the lady who's doing the sewing into letting me make an Instructable of the process.

Thank you for your help it has spurred other thoughts.