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re-use of movie posters? Answered

* hello, this is my first post on the forum, so i apologize if my comments are in the wrong place (just redirect me and i'll do what i can to fix it). however, if this is the right place... i snagged some movie posters when the apartment neighbors were moving because it seemed a shame to just trash them. originally, i thought it would be fun to turn them into envelopes of various sizes. when i tried it out however, they were not very durable. i tried using the search engine for the site, but only came up w/ ways to MAKE posters or put posters on furniture. i'm wondering if there is something small that i can make OUT OF these posters that is relatively simple. the posters themselves are probably of little value due to having tac holes or tape rips. any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. i'd like to make something i can send to others as i have no use for even more stuff in my life. thank you again! *


Wrap something in them? Cover books? Blinds! Cut them into strips and glue them to blinds so that you can see the poster when you close them. Glue them onto fabric, cover with something transparent and flexible (some kind of acrylic varnish?), cut them into vertical strips and hang them to make a door-curtain (instead of strings of beads).

Give them to me! Just kidding. How about laminating them or covering them in clear plastic and making a purse out of them? Or, how about taking the tag lines and making them into bumper stickers? Again, cover with something clear, and doublesided tape or something on the back.