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realistic firing mechanisms. Answered

Has anyone developed a detachable magazine with internal follower mated to a weapon which isolates the cocking and chambering of a round? i.e. the weapon is automatically chambered when the ram rod is cocked.


take a look at some guns, like ironman69's m4a1, senior waffleman's scar-H, and all of my guns. there are still more examples, but i don't want to say too much.

Mepain's ZKAR was better. Blue rods suck for ammo.

There aren't exactly instructions for that though.

really? I built it off like 3 pictures.


5 years ago

Like the Dunkis said, there are some. Just don't know any certain names, try looking around and you will be bound to fine something.

Yes. And some even look like real firearms. Couldn't point you in any direction, I just know I've seen some.