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really high altitude helicopter Answered

one really random question that has really been annoying me for a while is
What is stopping a helicopter (probably unmanned) form achieving a really freakish height,
eg + 45 km - 80km range

im not sure how big it would have to be, but the blades would not be regular and the talk would be have to account for the increases in speed and it probably could not it get itself to a high alttitude to start probaly need a ballon to take it up,

and any ideas for testing?
or any major theroy problems?
and any tips or hint?



8 years ago

Helicopter rotors are propellers that are pointed vertically. Propellers work because they can push or cut through air to create lifting forces. The higher you go up, the thinner the atmosphere. If there is no air to pass through the blades, you have no lifting power and the craft comes down. So if you can figure out where the rotors become ineffective, you can figure out how high you can go.


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Just for fun, though, google for rotary rocket.


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Hoverboards can't even get 5 feet off the ground.


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i was hopeing to avoid LOX and other simmilar things, i would be luck to be called an Amateur rockery enthusiest. big step from a c motor to a liquid or hybrid rocket, any advice?

but the maths and consept is very intersting and helpful, good way to get it back.

be interesting to see some of the work from the project,

probly stupid but if the everything was scaled down would it stil get to space,
or atleast scrap the 3 ton payload and scale it down,

bit of a shame about the "Once the air thinned to the point that helicopter flight was impractical" still wonder if it would be possible?