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reclying old wacom enabled laptop ? Answered

Hey guys , firstly let me introduce myself 
my name is virgil and im student on a budget :P and new to these forums 
My dilema :

i have ahad a hp tx2500 since 2008 , to be honest im surprised its lasted this long , anyways its a netbook/convertable that has a screen that folds down onto the keyboard , it is  touch and wacom active digitiser enabled 

and recently the gpu on it has failed just like 90% of these models do , so my question is simple 
 can i use the wacom digitiser unit from behind the screen and put it into another laptop/convertable 
unfortuneatly i dont have 100's of euro to spend buying another wacom enabled laptop or tablet as now theyre around 600 euro at minimum , i can however afford to buy a cheap 12.1inch laptop (note the wacom digitiser module im trying to recycle is made for a 12.1 inch screen)

i have seen the digitiser panel for myself and it very very thin ,so is there any way to integrate it into another device ? or maybe even somehow connect a usb to the panel and attach it to a laptop that way ?

if so any recommendations as to how to do this or what laptop i could modify ?
any help at all would be greatly appreciated 



5 years ago

i doubt you could depending on how its interfaced. You might just have to use a regular usb intuos or bamboo (or evquevlent intro model)