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remote actuator with momentry relay Answered


Firstly Im new to this and my electronic knowledge is very limited

What im trying to do is make an actuator move up and down using a remote using a momantary action

From what I understand I need and actuator (obviously), an ir remote and a power supply

I have sourced a few parts (see below) just dont know how they will or if they can go together


ir remote: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/12V-Remote-control-On-off-2-Channel-momentary-relay-/320627757256?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item4aa6e750c8

So what i need to happen is that when i hold one of the buttons the actuator opens and when i hold the other button the actuator closes

As i said im not sure how to or if these products will go together, so if not, please could you lead me to another website where i could get the products from, also not sure if i will need limit switches etc etc

ps im in the uk, so a uk based site would be an advantage for me

thanks pete


You might get it to work like this:



would i not need to use the +12 volts and the 0v
if not would you know what they are there for?
thanks for the reply

The 12V is what powers the relays - you use them as switches. NO= normally open and NC= normally closed, COM= common so they're effectively a pair of power-operated single-pole double-throw switches.


ok i have found another remote on ebay that seems easier to wire up, i have made a quick drawing below
is this right??


I don't know what this is. It says "Solenoid", which is not "motor" to my mind.

I'm not sure L. circuit is what you want. Here is a classic circuit to do what you want. Look at the wiring of the relay contacts rather than the coils.

BTW, thos actuators move 2mm/ second on 36 v - they will be 1/3rd slower on 12V.



sorry to keep bothering you, just a question about the picture of the curcuit boared in your first reply

From what i understand the +12v thats connected to the com (on the bottom relay in the picture) that would mean the relay would be normally open adding a live to the pink wire going to the motor
the ground thats connected to the com in the top relay means the relay would be normally closed adding a ground to the pink wire going to the motor
so in a free state without the buttons from the transmitter being pressed the motor will not move GREAT.

when i press the transmitter to activate the bottom relay it will switch to nomally closed adding a positive to the blue wire going to the motor, with the negative going to the pink wire we have a circuit and the motor will turn in one direction, lets say clockwise for arguements sake.

ok so now i need to turn the motor anticlockwise, with a negative going to the top relay com input will the relay change to normally open when i press the other transmitter button to give a ground to the blue wire (with the other relay in its free state giving a positive to the pink wire) and complete the circuit

sorry for the essay

my question basically is will the top relay change to no as there is no positive in the com port

again this question refers to the first reply with the picture of the circuit boared with the two relays

thanks for all your help

L'.s circuit won't do what you want it to do. You can see by reference to my circuit why it wont work - the motor won't reverse.


please excuse my ignorance but my electronics knowledge is very limited im finding it hard to understand the circuit above

Well, we can certainly help you wire it, whatever you decide to get. The actuator you have selected is slow and extremely powerful: it may not be suitable for the job you want.


ok maybe ill source another, ill keep everyone posted on what i decide to do, it may take some time though :)

hi all,
Just in case any 1 else has the same problem as me i think i have the answer, you can find it here:


yep will do as soon as i buy the parts
thanks for the help