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remote code for curtis tv? Answered

I have a curtis LEDVD1975A-2 tv that I got for christmas. I have it hooked up with my comcast digital converter and the little remote with it. I am trying to calibrate it or whatever so I can control the power and volume of the tv with the comcast remote. The instructions for my remote say to hold the set button until the light blinks twice, then enter the 5 digit code. Well, the code the manual for the tv says is 2295. Only 4 digits. It doesnt work. Comcast does have a thing that gives you codes other people have used but none of them have worked for me yet. They say 11326 and 11531. Here is the link to the thing I am trying to use to get codes.



I was about to give up and the last thing I tied worked as a full remote.

Use any cell phone I have android. Download free Peel Smart Remote. When setting up remote choose Sony. Works like a charm.

Many people who have brought a 24 inch Curtis flat screen TV (Model No. LCD2425A) have found out that this Generic TV is not compatible with a Comcast Cable remote control. When you look for the codes for this TV in the Comcast Digital Transport Adapter Universal Remote Guide there is nothing there listed under the heading "Setup Codes For TV's" for this Curtis TV's.

Well, I have a solution for this problem. First, the code that I find works the best for this model is :11577. This isn't perfect , but you will see that it's gets the job done and you will no longer have to use two remote controls with this TV if you have Comcast as your cable provider.

The 1st step is this : Press and hold set until the RED LIGHT on your Comcast remote blinks TWICE, then release "SET".

2.) Point your Comcast remote control at your Curtis 24" TV and enter the 5 digit code 11577 with your Comcast remote control. If you have done this correctly the RED LIGHT on your Comcast remote will blink TWICE. If you have enter invalid numbers the RED LIGHT will display one long blink and exit the program mode. If this happens you will have to repeat these steps.

3.) Aim the Comcast remote at your 24" Curtis TV and press the power button once. The TV should turn off. If it does not repeat steps 1-3.

4.) To turn on your 24" Curtis TV hit the power button. If this does not turn on your TV hold the "SET" Button and let it blink once, Then hit the power button ONCE while aiming the remote at your TV. If your TV does not turn on try holding the "SET" button on your Comcast remote until the RED LIGHT blinks once, then hit the power button TWICE. If your TV does not come on keep repeating the last step(Holding the Comcast remote until the RED LIGHT blinks once, then hit the power button TWICE. I've found that the later step works the best(Holding down the "Set" button, let RED LIGHT Blink once, then hitting power button TWICE while aiming Comcast remote at your TV.

You should be good to go from here, you should be able to control the volume with this code as well as turn your TV on and off. Hope that I've been a help. Take care & best wishes.


i have a LED1960A remote by curtis that i need programed

I too was looking for a code for the same Curtis TV. The code that worked for me with the Comcast remote was 11577. Good luck.

You're trying to use a remote for a Comcast converter with a Curtis TV, two things that weren't designed to work with each other really.

I don't think anyone else on the internet can give you a code that works for you if that site doesn't.


Well, it is supposed to be a universal remote. I have used it with other tvs before this one without a problem. Well, I have no doubt that something stupid will happen soon and the comcast guy will be out here anyway. I will just ask him if he knows any solution other than using both remotes. If not, then I guess that is what I have to do.

Oh yea, ask the Comcast guy.


Have you used the auto-search feature on the remote? The Comcast Remote Codes page shows the remotes they use. If yours is the little black one, click on the picture and download the PDF. The steps you need are at the bottom of the second column (enter set mode, press 991, etc.). Then, once you have found a working code, use the top of the third column's instructions to find out what that code is so you can write it down.

It may take some time, but you will find one that does work. Most off-brand names are made by bigger name manu's, or parts of them are. That is why you cannot find a specific code for the remote.

Good luck,

I just tried doing that. It ended up programming to the old tv about 5 ft away. Man, I wish there was a way for me to just program the tv remote to the comcast digital converter. Bc then I really could use 1 remote for everything including changing the input source and setting the sleep timer. OH well, guess I am stuck with 2 remotes.