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remote control LEDs? Answered

I need a circut to be able to remote control 2 LEDs and the reciving circut must be very light. Any ideas where I can get such a set of circut boards? Schematics? Plese help!


Try out the photo transistor as the receiver and a IR led as the emmiter if any of the photo transistors will recive the IR light then it will simply switch on a LED.Quiet simple isn't it.Ohh and the schematic is included


Infra red then your looking at microprocessor (and may well be for wireless as well., try http://picaxe.com for a user friendly system (even for none programmers - Very goof support forum)

What sort of remote control have you in mind?





More information needed.

Wireless or infared would be preferable, but it doesn't realy matter as long as is is lightweight. [1/2 oz.]