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remove paper label on Vinyl records disc Answered

Dear all..
Please help me to know how remove paper label on Vinyl records disc.I have tried with lighter fluid but not success.Thank you in advance.




4 years ago

WD40 dissolves some adhesives, you could try that. As Kman advises, try it on a junk record first...

Dear gmoon

Very interest I will to buy WD40 and try it and thank you very much for your time help me.

Best regards



Reply 4 years ago

Dear gmoon

Just let you know WD 40 is not appropriate in this case(not removing adhesives). for now Acetone is better but too strong it can remove vinyl disc also.

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In the old days with a good collection of vinyl I used a little stainless steel can that was just a few mm more in diameter than the label.

Put it on the disc and fill with hot water, put your hand on the other side of the disc to make sure it is not overheating.

After about 45-60sec the glue should be soft enough to peel off.

Finial cleaning with orange oil, methylated spirit or similar, don't use agressive solvents as some will damage the vinyl.

A few ones I encountered did not react at all to heating up as the glue was crystal hard, for those I used 100 grid sand paper to damage the paper surface a bit and after that let it soak in the bath tub over night.
Next day the sticker could be rubbed of with a sponge.

Worst thing is that you can get paper residue into the grooves.

Not that much of a problem for the disc but your expensive needle will hate to get stuck on it.

To avoid this you can spray the disc with silicone spray, with thatthe residue in the grooves simple washes out with running water.
Good clean with a lint free cleaning cloth and you are done.

Dear Downunder35m

Thank you very much for your time help me with more

full detail.

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Well, more details are hard as I no longer have any vinyl around :(
But I will try to explain again:
Tools you (might) need:

1. plastic scraper - can be anything from the real deal to an old credit card, although a sharp edge helps a lot

2. a pot or metal container in the diameter of the label, flat bottom.

If in doubt a thick metal disk of the same diameter works too but must be heated.

3. some cotton wool or lint free cloth

4. methyltated spirit, oranage oil, or simply cooking oil (last resort).

You don't want to use agressive solvents on vinyl.

Put the disc on a flat surface, put pot on oven until water boils.

Let the pot cool down for a bit as the bottom will be far over 100° celsius.

Place the pot on the vinyl to cover the label, you don't want a pot that covers the groove as well because if it softens it will cost you the good sound you had.

After about 30sec take the pot off and check with the scraper if the label can be scrubbed off.

If not check with your hand if the vinyl is hot - be careful with that.

Repeat if the label at least partially gets off.

If the heat does not work at all you have glue that is too heat resistant, increasing the heat further could damage the vinyl.

To get it off anyway you need to "break" the surface of the label as they are usually waterproof.

Best way to do this is by measuring the diameter of the label and to make hole of the same diameter into a big sticker.

Place the sticker over the label to protect the vinyl around it.

Of course you can do the same with sticky tapy but it will be hard to do it without overlapping tape.

And those overlaps can be annyoning in the next step.

Double check the vinyl is properly covered!

Now use coarse sandpaper, about 80-100grid to damage the outer layer of the label.

It is like removing paint ;)

Check that all areas of the label are nicely scratched and use a vacuum cleaner to remove the debris (or blow it off over the sink ;) ).

Get orange oil (or similar oil) to soak the remaining paper, let sit for about 30 minutes.

Again, with the scraper try to get the label off, if it is not working try to work from the inside hole to "punsh" between label and vinyl.

Once you have a start it should get easier.

Last resort would be a stainless stell pot scourer (these balls to clean you burnt pots).

But by using them you have a high chance of getting scratches on the vinyl under the label, so only use as a last resort or if scratches in that area are of no concern to you.

The remaining glue should come off with cotton wool and rubbing, those cloths to polish your car are only good if they are lint free - that means they can losse a few fibres but should should not leave all their fibres on the sticky residue on the vinyl.

I hope it is better to understand now?

Dear Downunder 35m

Thank you very very much for your help again.Me too don't have more disc for try again. Thanks again for your time with me.

Best regards

If they are paper, they should soak off with hot water.

If it's the glue that's an issue, you can get "goo remover" products, but solvents like methanol or nail varnish remover should also probably work.


Some solvents could soften or dissolve the discs themselves, so make sure to test on discs you won't miss.

Hi Kiteman.

First thank you so much for your helpful.
Follow your guide I tried and result :
- Hot water +soap >> 95% paper label get out . 5% remain with the glue on disc
- Acetone pure ( at home depot) ( for nail not work( weak)
>>>110% get out = paper label+ glue+ a few vinyl portion of disc.
Thank you again for your help.
Best regards

Thanks for letting us know. Maybe the weaker acetone won't damage the disc so much?