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(removed by author or community request) Answered

Why can't Instructables do away with the "removed by author or blah blah blah" thing.
It just clutters things up, and doesn't really serve a purpose.
If instructables wants the person that made the comment to know it was removed, email them.
Any time we have to remove something that can't be edited, it leaves behind this garbage.

Before, there was a set rhyme and reason to deleting posts and not having that happen (bottoms up!), but recently I created a post which was the first reply to the first comment in my $1 security hardware instructable, and noticed a glaring error in it and IMMEDIATELY deleted it (because there was no EDIT function) and it left one of these steaming piles of Yak poo in the comment thread.


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Google Chrome
Version 32.0.1700.19 beta-m Aura
$1 PC Hardware Security Power Lockout
deleting reply


Thanks for reporting these incidences of long-haired bovid feces. The Instructables community team deletes more comments than anyone (somebody has to eliminate the botty "great post, go to link" nonsense), and we're actively looking into it. Stay tuned for an official response after we confirm that this is the expected behavior for comment deletion.

I made a userscript that gets rid of them, it can be found here: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/179188 in adition to making that go away it also has tons more features, like getting back the old comment trees.

Well, after installing it you'll have to go to your settings page, notice that there is a new sub-menu called 'Instructables Enhancer' and then tick "Hide (removed by author or community request)" and you should be fine! (there is no save button because it saves all the changes live)

That doesn't happen to me, unless there are other posts replying to mine.

which is why I am griping here. you USED to be able to avoid it, and now even that doesn't work.

Ah, I see it's back. Hardly a massive annoyance or disruption to move one's eyes a fraction of a degree to skip over an empty comment, though, is it?

It's a massive annoyance if you have a large instructable with a ton of comments that need to be edited with no edit option other than DELETE leaving these steaming piles of Yak poo everywhere!
But I guess as long as it only bothers ME and doesn't bother YOU then we should all just suck it up and try to be more like you huh?
Thanks for your incredibly insightful response.

I don't understand why you are taking my comments so personally, and in such a temper, I merely attempted to help you see the issue in context.

You've reported this as a bug, which it isn't*, and then decided to treat my comments as a personal attack, which they aren't.

*Final word on this topic from me: move this topic to Feedback, where it belongs.

You said "AH, I SEE IT'S BACK" - BACK being the operative word, meaning it was fixed at one point.
If it's BACK as you say, then it's a BUG that needs to be reported, as it was before so that it can be fixed again.
Yes, my opinion is that they should get rid of these things completely, but right now, they are appearing when they shouldn't ON TOP OF appearing if you don't do things right.

Huh! That's odd. I think it's only supposed leave the place holder behind if there are replies below it (otherwise, the doubly linked list in the DB gets broken because there's a dangling reference).

I tested this a month or two ago, and what I found was that if I deleted a thread sequence from the bottom up, the comments would vanish completely, but from the top down, it would leave the place holders behind.

Hopefully Mike, or one of the other Dev Staff, can look at this and see if something's changed.

I am aware of the "bottoms up" process, which is why I made reference to it.
Since nobody had made a reply to or a comment below mine, it should have disappeared completely.
It didn't.
I think it should be done away with altogether anyway.