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removing a comment on my project instructable Answered

I made an Instructable post, and have some one posting mis leading info about the parts I used for it. I know that everything I have done is safe and correct.
 How do I remove the comment and Block the user?


I understand about freedom of speech, but some people always seem to nitpick about every little thing and want to rebuttal everything. Just think it would be near if authors could delete those annoying commenters that seem to want to start a huge needless thread unrelated to the instructable.

I'm for making the post so it could only be veiwed by request when it comes to things that are not true. then the poster of the comment could have a chance to reword the comment so as it would be less abrassive sounding. I would have felt a lot better if the guy would have said something like.." I would use only food grade hose. you should too because I read/ heard it was dangerouse to use PVC or Rubber type hose." (NOTE: I used a hose that was free of stuff that will hurt ya, and I also cleaned the inside before I built the unit.)
I wish I could post the data from the info on the on the sand blaster fresh air supply instructions and it would clear a lot of the stuff up, but I was declined when I asked for permission to repost it on the web. it was copy righted. so they claim I can not post it and I'm not sure if I could re-word it with out useing their information.
Maybe it's just me, and where I come from and the way I was raised to be suportive and try to be helpful even when you think they are screwwing up you say stuff in a nice way.

Usually you can only delete your own comments that you make. If you PM the admins or flag it for review, the comment would only be removed if it is in violation of the site policies(SPAM, not nice, inappropriate, etc.) It's the free speech thing we try to keep going here.

If you are referring to the first comment in your diving apparatus ible, you should just reply to his comment to refute the information. I think you may have flagged it to be a "featured comment" which only pins it to the top of your comment list and locks it out for replies.

That said, the open environment does let everyone comment and does open it up to those that may or may not know what they are talking about. Some may not be polite or offer entirely wrong information. It lets us discuss things and educate or learn from others. Good luck.

It's all ok, now. I just didn't want anyone scaring folks off by saying stuff that is not true. I was just a bit over excited because that was what I was told up till I started my deep sea dive job and I learned a lot from working out in the feild and the only way you will learn whats safe is from being around these folks and doing the job. Not many folks will get the chance to do that.
I hope the up comming solar powered flash light and sail boat running lights project I'm working will be as good Instructable project as this one.
Thanks everyone, I ok, with it now.

It's a public space, you shouldn't attempt to silence comments and opinions.

Reply to the comment (on the comment) with a well-constructed rebuttal of what you find misleading.


thanks. I really believe the comment was left by someone who does not know mauch about the subject. the comment is aimed at scaring people into spending big bucks and getting a system from a factory. the instructable I did was safe and correct.

Refute on the comment, so that the dialogue is in view - if you're right you get ahead of the next person who might say the same.

I'd wonder whether you were getting any oil-mist out of the compressor?


I used an oil-free type compressor with a filter to catch anything that leaves the compressor before it gets to the airline. I was worried about the little (I cann't remember the size and name brand) micron filter, I used. so, I went back to the books and found I was doing it right. my biggest fear with this system is the non-return check valve. I didn't give very good instructions there but that's due to me not being very trusting of the one I used.

kewl deal, I thought I put it was an oiless compressor, but I might have forgotenn too post that. I'm getting a bit slack in my old age..lolololol

I'm 37, Kewl and lolololol are not in my vocabulary (or the FF spell-check), but I appreciate the comment anyway.


kewl = cooool said with a slight red neck country boy sway to it, and LOLOLOLOL = laugh out loud big time. I'm 44 so I got a few yearas on ya. lol

(What you do not do with comments you do not like is tick the box that says "feature", because that sticks the coment at the top of the list for everybody to see.)