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removing liquid latex? Answered

i did the zombie liquid latex and can't get it out of my eyebrows without pulling all of it out. ouch!!



You need to lube your hairy bits with vasoline or something similar before applying the latex.

An old painter once told me that after getting enamel or oil based type paint in his hair while working, he would massage "baby oil" into his hair and let it soak in for a while (not sure how long) and then he would shower and wash his hair twice to remove the oil. The paint would "slide' right off the hairs. I guess the oil soaked into the hair and the paint lost it's grip.

Perhaps this will work for the latex too. I don't know where you are in the world but baby oil is a brand name made by Johnson & Johnson.

+1, except not Vaseline. Vegetable oil, baby oil, or olive oil are great, but Vaseline makes latex degrade into a substance resembling tar.

Seconded. An addege I've seen for liquid latex: "If you want to keep it, shave it off, then lube it, otherwise its coming off with the latex."

WD 40 may also work. If not that, it's great for getting oil based paints and bike grease off your hands.

Internet troll face advising someone to put WD-40 near their eyes. LOL

I was speaking generally, although if you really feel like applying WD-40 to your eyes I cant be held responsible.

An example of good internet advice would be the removal of system32, or the old bleach and ammonia crystal trick.

It does carry a certain sense of irony...

Lo siento! So you did it to your face? You said arm earlier.

There is always latex remover, but that stuff is nastier than the latex in your eyebrows (although I suppose if handled carefully)

Hot showers, plenty of soap, and gentle teasing.

UV light will degrade the latex (eventually!) However you may not want to wait that long - I agree with the above - Sorry :-) One of those prevention is better than the cure.

Olive oil works beautifully