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renting and kicking someone out? Answered

so i rent a bedroom to my friend and his wife and the wife isnt listening tot he rules my mother set and she was gonna kick them out but they had no place to go so i talked to my mother to let them stay and she did but she still disobeys the rules of the house which arnt that strict but she keeps it up and she left a note under my door saying that shes gonna blackmail me with 1 or 2 things and i was wondering if that's rights to evict them from the house and was wondering how long to give them till they have to move last time my mother gave them a month to move which seems to be alot longer then what some people are allowed to do so what should i do about it?



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Check with your state and local authorities, consumer affairs, real estate department, etc. Most states and local governments have some form of renter protection laws enacted. Find out what your rights and the renter's rights are before doing something that lands you in court.
Do it right and the law will help you evict the tenants, do it wrong and it could cost you.

well the sticky situation is that we rent the place and hes a good friend of mine but his wife is the big problem cause shes the only one causing problems

Sorry, but you can't evict only the wife. You need to decide what you want to do about this, then talk to local authorities about how to do it.

If he's really a friend, he should understand when you tell him "Look, this just isn't working for me and my family; please find somewhere else to live." If he doesn't respect that request, he isn't a friend and doesn't deserve to be treated as one -- in which case proceed with the eviction as you would if this was purely a business transaction.


Yes, tenancy laws are so variable from place-to-place, you really need to talk to a local authority.

One really important thing, though: did you get them to sign any sort of agreement, especially a notice of the rules you say she broke?

Regarding the blackmail,make a note of exactly what she said and when. Sign and date it. Maybe consider removing that hold by telling whoever about whatever she is holding over you.

if im correct my mother has the thing signed and she actually wrote it on a paper plate and i hid it in my room where she wouldnt be able to find it or anyone unless i know they looked for it

+1. For advice about the law, ask your LOCAL authorities.

Never rent space without getting signatures on a lease. Even if you let the lease time out and go to "tenancy at will", that initial lease sets the expectations for what the tenant and landlord are responsible for and how much notice either must give before terminating the arrangement. The ONLY safe way to do business with friends is to treat it like doing business with strangers, as far as the formalities are concerned; anything less is both bad business practice and likely to destroy friendships.

If someone's threatening blackmail -- especially if you've got the threat in writing -- bite the bullet and take it to the police NOW. Otherwise the demands will only escalate. (I'm presuming you haven't done anything stupid enough that it would be more than embarassing. If you've put yourself in the position where you're vulnerable to _serious_ blackmail, you have worse problems than the one you've described.)

well lucklily it settled itself the wife got mad about being "accused" of doing the stuff which it was proven she did and there moving out already

Get legal advice - People who can't or won't folowl the rules don't deserve much in the way of consideration - However you will find they do have somewhere to go when they have to!

Be prepared to looses your friend though.

were i live, unless there was money exchanged or you put them on a lease you have to give them 30 days notice.
If you told them they could stay there with out them paying rent etc then you can kick them out when ever you want them too.
Best advice is to consult the police on the matter.