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repairing tools that need some TLC? Answered

Just wondering if any one knows how to make tools look clean and newish that can be done to refurbish the tools we have and not have to replace.


We need some more information. Whats wrong with the tools? What kind of tools are we talking about here?


Are these hand tools, power tools? Are they rusted? or just greasy???

Yeah that would have helped I am so sorry.

They are just very rusty and need some help - but expensive and just need TLC

Electrolytic rust removal is awfully fun to do, and if you've got junk around then you've probably got everything you need.


Don't electrocute yourself. It hurts!

For rust i like to soak my tools in WD-40 for a while. Then use one of those green scrub pads to scrub away the rust. The WD-40 will help to lubricate the tools that need lubricating and help protect the tool from further rust. Then its a matter of storing the tools to help prevent moisture from attacking them.


6 years ago

If you have a bench grinder get a fine wire wheel for it and that will polish rust off and leave a pretty good finish. After you clean them treat them with a light oil to keep them from rusting immediately. If the handles are plastic coated (many pliers are now days) you can clean them up with paint thinner on a rag or lacquer thinner. The lacquer thinner is more aggressive.

For rusty hand tools, you can spray them with WD-40 and clean the rust off with steel wool, a wire brush or with some emery cloth. If the iron oxidation (rust) is really bad, then the tools may not have the same strength anymore; but if the rust is only superficial, cleaning and lubricating them with WD-40 should bring them back like new.