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replace battery with capacitor Answered

I have a old hair clipper.  It has a rechargeable battery in it, which does not charge very well.
I opened up the clipper and it has a single battery.
It reads d-2/3a700 mAh 2.4 v.
What do I need to do to replace with a capacitor?  Like resistors and such.
If I wanted to get it to charge quick.  And use it quick.



You would need a supper capacitors. Probably need several wired in parallel to make the thing work for a reasonable amount of time. Which would take up a lot more room then the original battery. But why spend about $30 per cap, when you can spend about $6 or a single replacement battery?


There are no capacitors available for this, that is why it has a battery in it.

Replace it with two AAA batteries or something similar in size but not with a capacitor.