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replacing balast in flouresent light fixture? Answered

Looking for instruction on replacing ballast in fluorescent fixture in my kitchen. Also the drop ceiling panels are going to be replaced. How should I cut to fit?


Thanks everyone, for your answers.   I spent the whole weekend replacing balasts and panels.   Looks great!

Redesign has the answer for how to change the ballast. pop the fixture apart. The ballast is usually shielded from the outside world by a piece of metal. Remove any shielding to see the true guts of the unit. The ballast will have power in (black and white), then either 2 or 4 wires as noted. Usually yellow, red, and blue. Match the wires, or mark them before you take the old ballast off if the colours don't match. Replace...done. Cutting ceiling tiles is relatively easy. All you need is a stable surface, a straightedge, and a razor knife. Measure twice, lay out the straightedge, and hold down firmly with one hand. Gently but firmly score the 'good' side first (to create a nice straight line). Cut deeper and deeper watching those little piggies on your hands so they don't become part of the bloodbath that could ensue. If your blade won't go all the way, bend the tile creating a canyon where you've scored, then use the bend mark on the back of the tile to cut from the back side. Yay.

What's this "measure twice" I thought that's what the first two you cut wrong were for. Aren't they just practice cuts?

They are when the tiles aren't 10 bucks a pop... :D

Are you sure you need to replace the ballast? Or just the starter? If the problem is that the lamp is glowing faintly but never coming to full brightness, that's probably the starter.

Buy the correct ballast for the lamps you use. Then follow the instructions. 1 screw and 4 wires or 6 I don't remember exactly. But it's not hard.

Does it (ballast) need to be replaced? L