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resin for large scale pieces...will it work and where to buy? Answered

I've never used resin before, but have ambitions of encasing a number of 'larger' things in resin than the typical 'something in a paperweight'. i'm looking more along the lines of something in a 18in square block. my first question is, what type of resin can be purchased in large quantities affordably (at the craft store a small can was something like $20..i'd need 50 of these) and secondly, will i have to worry about cracking or any other issues the larger i attempt to go (and if so, is there an alternative to resin which is more conducive to what i'm hoping to do)? 

*'larger' = typewriter, log, sneakers...


i guess i need to alter my question a bit, so - if i want to embed an object (say a football) in a square transparent block using a material that i could pour into a mold as a liquid and which would cure relatively slowly as to let a bottom layer begin to dry as one puts the object in so that it won't sink to the bottom, what would be the best option for doing this AND the most cost effective if i wanted to do larger projects.

thanks in advance.

www.smooth-on.com they sell basically every type of resin, plastic, foam, anything castable or moldable, they've got it. they've also got a very knowledgeable staff that can answer a LOT of questions. also, lots of tutorials on the site.

Even with the small quantity of resin, you have to worry about how to pour it and cure it. There will be tiny air bubbles you have to get out and It may not cure completely through in the center or will take a really long time. You have to keep the optimum conditions for the cure. I guess you want to keep it clear and glass-like all the way through. I don't know if multiple pours in stages would work to build up the layers. Maybe you could contact an industrial plastics place and see what is available. Good luck.