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resistor replacment? Answered

i am looking at a tutorial, i need a 220 ohm resistor, i have 330 ohm, and 10k ohm. i also have a potentiometer. how could i replicate a 220 ohm resistor



Best Answer 6 months ago

What tutorial are you looking at? A 330 ohm resistor will likely be a suitable replacement, but it really depends on what circuit you are building and what you are trying to do. Sometimes resistance is very important. Sometimes, it just needs to be close in range.

You can replace the 220 ohm resistor with a 330 ohm resistor. The LED will just be slightly dimmer.

Why would you want to that? The resistor is only there to limit the LED current and stop it burning out or taking out your power supply. It would be fairly unwise to use a Pot. for that purpose. A 10k pot used as a substitute for a 220 ohm resistor would have to be set at about 2% of its range, Not a good place to be in this case. It would be so easy to reach the end of range i.e. 0 ohm which would negate the reason for having it and the LED could be destroyed along with the power supply. Given that the LED appears to be part of a much more expensive display this would really upset you. DON'T DO IT EVER!

I suppose you could if you adjust the potentiometer to be somewhere between 220 and 330 ohms (and then don't readjust it).