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resonance wireless inductive coupling final year project (wireless handphone charger) Answered

hi im doing wireless inductive coupling using square coils.Anyone can advise which equation to determine the inductance? i dont have a LCR meter :(
I have problems combining my full wave bridge rectifier and voltage regulator. Do i need impedance matching?


heres a pic of my square coils.im doing a wireless handphone charger over here.i've determined the inductance value.now im trying to use ADS to do simulation on the magnetic field radiation.Anyone did that before?

2009-11-27 19.16.40.jpg

Don't have a inductance meter? Make one.

An LRC circuit will have a specific resonance frequency (which you can measure with a counter and timer). So knowing C, R and F, you can calculate L.

What is the circuit you are trying to make? If you post a circuit diagram, the context might make it easier to help.

Better to ditch the R, and get a strong resonance. Too much R and the Q will be very low.

I found references to square coil formulae in the first hits on Google. If this is a final year project.

Imagine a world, oh, only 20 years ago when instruments like LCR meters were so hideously expensive people had to use other techniques (actually, often more precise); How did they do a simple measurement of inductance ?


you could experiment by making two basic coils as similar to eachother as possible and see how well they work, if they're functioning within a tolerable range a voltage regulator and circuit could be used to control the end output within a certain range of inputs coming from the secondary coil.