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restoring a knife Answered

I recently acquired a knife in poor condition. It is a Frost Cutlery Flying Falcon lock back. The thumb catch knob is missing and I was wondering if any one had an idea to replace it. Also, I was wondering if anyone had any info on stainless rostfrei.


The Thumb catch can be replaced by a quick trip to the hardware store. You need to find a small machine screw with the same thread size and a corresponding spacer. You may need to cut down the screw and spacer. You can use Thread lock or a dab of nail polish to keep the screw from backing out. As far as rostfrei goes.....its German for Stainless.

Frost makes knives that are inexpensive and are of good quality. Use em and abuse em, if it breaks or you lose it, get another one. If you are looking at Frost knives as a collectors item they are not worth much.

To expand.... The literal translation of rostfrei is "rust proof". Its Stainless. There are many grades of Stainless. Frost uses a low to medium grade that will rust lightly over time, but they buff them to a satin finish which prohibits that. If the knife is trashed you can pick one up cheap at SMKW . Hope this helps

I dont know how to fix the thumb catch knob but info do you want on stainless rostfrei?