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retrofying a fridge Answered

I want to get an antique fridge for the kitchen in my new place but everyone keeps telling me the electric bill will be crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to retrofy a new fridge, I'd like to go a step further than just buying an old handle for the fridge. I'd like to maybe paint it teal and figure out a way to round off the corners in that 1950's style. The fridge in the picture will probably be the fridge I buy for this project.



7 years ago

Big Chill makes completely modern fridges (and other appliances) that look retro.

They're nice but way more money than I want to spend.

Many high end fridges have an applique panel that covers over the base fridge to match any decor or style. The panel slides in rails affixed to the door but you can have it bolted or riveted or screwed in or hung like a picture or stuck on with industrial foam mounting tape. You can get thin plywood or a sheet of hardboard to build on top of that a slightly contoured frame covered with more bendable plywood/hardboard or shape with mdf/wood or cover with fiberglass to get your rounded shape. Maybe even attempt vacu-forming plastics. Get some roof flashing or aluminum sheet to pound out your shape which is supported underneath with braces. Get it prepped for a nice paint job. Those metallic spray paints do really turn out well looking like chrome. Good luck.