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reuse parts of Hp Tx1000 laptop to something useful probaly a tablet as it has a touch screen Answered

I have a HP tx1000 tablet PC. It has some problem with motherboard(common heat sink problem with HP tx1000 series laptops).
becuase of which Nvidia GPU is not working now hence laptop is not working. It does not boot up.
Is there a way I can create a new laptop/desktop out of all its working components(HDD, memory, LCD, WIFI card,motherboard)
without faulty GPU.
Is there any way to skip GPU test in BIOS.
I wanted to create a 10 inch tablet out of its useful parts using its touch screen.
Thanks in advance for your reply/suggestions.


like he said.
first get that gpu to work again. take it apart and explore the parts. you can likely get a service manual online to help. if you can get it to restart. definate new casing needed. whatever you do, improve the heat sink. if you still got broken pc and don't want to do it, i'd be happy to pay the postage and take it off your hands :-)

Not much you can do unless the GPU in the laptop is a separate card from the main board and can be replaced. If the GPU is part of the main board then you would need to replace the entire main board to get it working again or use it as a tablet. Considering the price of the main board you would be better off replacing the whole laptop.

For now all you have is a pile of spare parts for an HP Tx1000 laptop. At best you can sell off the parts to someone who has a broken laptop of the same model.