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rewire/reprogram motion sensor Answered

i have a motion sensor that turns on an outlet when motion is detected. the fastest it can turn of it after a minute, though. i want it to cut the power after about 5 to 10 seconds. anyone know how i can do this? its with an x10 motion sensor. thanks!


I am assuming you wish it to be even less "on time" then the adjustable time delay already present which is a delay from 1 minute to 255 minutes.

exactly. i want it to be on for only 5 to 10 seconds or so.

Hmm, without a schematic of the device it may be a bit hard.

are you aware of any other way to do this. i need some sort of way to have a water pump turn on when motion is detected, then turn off after about 5 seconds or so. it is for a sculpture i am working on. thanks a lot!!!

Well, if you use a simple timer circuit made of the 555 timer IC, the time on is adjustable. This is known as a monostable multivibrator. The one state is stable until conditions change (motion sensed), then it flips to the unstable condition (on) for a preset period of time. So the two circuits you are looking for are a 555 monostable timer and a motion sensor, if I understand you correctly.

holy crap lol. even if i get one of those i will have no way of knowing what to do. that seems like that is what i need. are there tutorials or things online on how to program them? also, where can i get those and about how much are those?

The 555 timer is probably one of the most well known timer ic's around. Been around for a long time.

Rather then rewrite history and instructions, I will give you a few links that will give you all you need to know about the 555 (and then some :-)

555 Tutorial...1

Some more on the 555 and a little on the 556 dual timer

This link helps you figure out the math, for the size components you need for the proper timing...

And one last one (although there are MANY more....)

I hope that helps....

thanks, ill check those out. and is it basic to allow this to trigger something plugged into an outlet to turn on and such?

It is a device needing only 5-15 vdc power source. It can operate isolation relays, etc. and such in order to switch higher powered mechanism. The CMOS 7555 can be powered with as little a 2 vdc.