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rfid chip in food Answered

i have had some problems with illegal rfid chipping by the avalon station los angeles county sheriffs. i have had to throw away alot of my belongings not knowing which item or items were chipped. this rfid frequency number was given to a motorcycle gang on the mainland ( i live on santa catalina island off the coast of southern california).........and this gang attacked and tried to murder me across state lines when i went on a trip to northern california/oregon.............these guys stalked and attempted to kill me at least 15-20 times during an eight month terrifying ordeal!  there are some "bad cops" on the force that did not want me to return to the island; as i was going to be a major figure in some lawsuits that are being prepared at this moment. gang officer david v mertens played hardball with a very innocent little resort town of avalon (google his name). he tried to tell the world that on the "misty" island of catalina that there were gangs here on the island.....which is hogwash as everybody in this little community knows everybody else; sometimes too much.......it is like having 3000 brothers and sisters! so after his little pr stunt........hey; there is a need for him on the island. he got kicked off of the island as he does not belong in a resort town. i am a person who has lived in the wilderness for the better part of 30 years; and am very hard to locate, capture or worse...........but they tried twice on the island using air assets (one a grey unmarked military helicopter and two days later a little blue and white private airplane)....but to no avail. they came "straight to me" in the canyons and forests of the island and in the forests of oregon and then back again in the forests of lake tahoe...........no one has ever found me like that........especially a bunch of city boys. when they don't capture me we all walk around town as if nothing happened!  my questions are how to detect these chips and destroy them on my backpack, other belongings and even chips that may very well have been inserted into some food i found on the backside of the island just after a sheriffs helicopter had taken off from the remote area. i thought the chopper was putting food in places just in case some of the survivors of a coastguard airplane/helicopter crash found their way to shore; but it might of been meant for me. since returning to the island i saw someone chip my day pack that i left unattended during a mountain run............so as an experiment i went out three days ago and hid the pack  in the local hills,  when i returned home i realized that i had lost my knife out of it's holster.  i go back 30 minutes later to look...........and guess what?........the pack was already gone!  then some sort of personnel folks came back for me; that i saw way down below me in that spot......looking directly at me! i always get hunches to get up and go before anything major is about to happen; which is how i got away from the motorcycle gang and the sheriffs that backed the gang cop. any suggestions you might give me in regards to these issues would be greatly appreciated.  thank you for your time.
pack below


It's not that kind of bug, in this area.  It means "bugs in the site software".

However, I'll tell you this for free. It's not RFID they are tracking you with. Even the longest range RFID tag is only capable of ~10m, and even with a dedicated high gain aerial they aren't going to get enough for airborne work, as the angles would be changing too fast to track.

If what you say is true, I'd suspect a thermal imager from the air, or a traditional radio bug, either an audio one (unlikely due to the battery limitations) or a very simple "animal tracker" which pulses once every few seconds, and can be tracked with a basic null steering coil, up to about 15 miles.

How did you escape, if they had "radio eyes" on you the whole time?

Cue Twilight Zone or Outer Limits theme songs.....

(Note: I'm not really sure why I'm engaging here, but can't resist)

>and i really do not believe they put anything in any food...that is the least of my concerns; yet he titles the heading with this ridiculous looking construct......rfid in food! forget that part.

Are you implying that Mertens has...manipulated the title of your post?

This is directly contradictory to your earlier statement: " chips that may very well have been inserted into some food "

>the only two newspapers on the island are blocking our freedom of speech by not printing help/alternatives for victims

No, they're not. That's not how free speech is defined. Free speech means that you can say about anything you want to (with a few restrictions) without fear of repercussions from the government, and the same for the press, not that the press has to print what you would like for them to print.

I took your suggestion and searched for police report number #09-7881 in El Dorado county. This isn't a valid report number for El Dorado county. I didn't find any evidence of "gang sheriffs".

I also googled the name of the officer you mentioned; I found no evidence for your claims; just a few forum discussions and a news article quoting him. I *did* find you trolling the heck out of other sites. Your story is inconsistent; your grammar, appalling, and I would appreciate if you didn't waste this community's time and server space, and slander a police officer in the bargain.

Also, dude, some line breaks would be really nice.

You gotta go with tin foil hats, tried and true.

Hmmm, I bet one could turn one of those BIG clear plastic bubbles into a giant Faraday Cage using very thin wires.....you'd be able to see out of it, and still walk around.......

I don't think that would work, the wires would just re-radiate. You'd never get decent grounding at RF frequencies. Also, recent studies at MIT show that the tinfoil hat actually seems to amplify brainwave related frequencies, so putting you at further risk of mind control.

Well, it might help block microwaves anyways :-)

PS: where can you get "TIN" foil anywhere? Most of the stuff at the grocer's is aluminum foil.....

(1). Get rid of everything in your pack.
(2). Do not wear any clothes. At all.
(3). Do not eat or drink anything. At all.
(4). If you must disobey 1, wrap it all in holiday tinsel (reflects the radio waves, less bulky than foil).
(5). If you must disobey 2, wear only tinfoil undies (for modesty's sake). Do not attempt to skimp on this and use tinsel as per (4). Tinsel undies are inadequate and will end badly.
(6). If you must disobey 3, eat at least as much activated charcoal as you consume food/drink.

Hope it works out well for you!!!!!


8 years ago

if you telling the truth this might help: get one of these one time use cameras with a flash remove the flash and replace it with a copper coil with about 5 loops when you now use the 'flash' the device produces an emp which damages electric devices of nearly any kind at a very short range

if you seriously believe anything you just typed (and you're not a troll) then you don't need to find a tracking device, you need to find a medical professional (like a psychiatrist) and have a discussion about the possibilities of you being a paranoid schizophrenic. the likelihood of anything you just mentioned being true/real is very slim, even if you yourself believe it to be true