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rgb led controller using pot trimmers? Answered

making a rgb led controller and can i put a pot trimmer on the r ,g,and b connections to change the color of the led when the trimmer is adjuding)also add  one to the power supply to use as a dimmer?)imm 14 so i need someone to be specific{like how to wire,parts list(cheap ones please) and etc.)(i have no parent help wat so ever) (im using mulitple leds(about 500) how would i wire them up to work with one controller? and no i dnt want to buy one if i did u would not be asking this uestion


Depends if you want to use high power leds, or just small 20mA leds (5mm rgb)...

Reason being, you can run a small led on a potentionmeter and not really hurt it, because you're only burning off a few volts at 20mA.

If you are driving high power (>100mA) leds then it gets a LOT more complicated, and the amount of power the pot has to burn off is too much - and will cause heating and failure.

Best way:
555 timer pwm driver -- pot controls pwm duty cycle and varies the power to the led. You have to use a transistor to switch the led(s) on and off because a 555 can only handle a few mA of current.

author; What EXACTLY do you want to make? There are plenty of instructables on what I suspect you want - but I'm not going to reinvent the wheel unless you know what you want!

PWM that way doesn't eliminate the requirement for current limiting resistors though

Agreed -- my answer is super simplified until a design goal can be established - then a 'best solution' can be fleshed out :)

Why go analog when its much easier to go digital. Check out my 6 Button RGB Controller. You get 2 buttons per color so  you can adjust the intensity of each color as needed.