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rgb led video panel Answered

hi i am trying to fine some one who can help me i am trying to make a video panel from tri color matrix tiles i need it to work with a composite video feed i have a processes to do the matrix of the wall i just need to make 1m x 1m panel and then i am away if you have any ideals i would love to hear them thanks for your time justin


No problems, it's a hell of a project to take on but it's possible...

killerjackalope's right: if you don't know where to start, this might be too big of a project to take on. Taking a composite video feed and making it accessable by microcontrollers would be a big project in and of itself. Depending on how many LEDs you have, you'd probably be looking at quite a number of microcontrollers -- or more practically, a few ARM's. You probably shouldn't charlieplex, because of the quanity, and you'll end up sacrificing quality bigtime. A 240x320 display would use 76800 LEDs, which equates to 230400 individual elements (R, G, B). If you want 256 different colors per LED, you'll need to loop through every single one at least 20 times a second. Thus, we're talking about an outrageous controller scheme.

i am intrigued, I said something about this idea before but hadn't heard of someone trying it, you'll need a microcontroller and some serious charlieplexing skills... next You'd need to make a program for the controller to interface the board and make the image from the composite video feed, which would be very hard, you might be better off using a digital feed.

thanks for getting back to me i can make the program just need to sort out the micro controller just need a start have you have any ideas about how i can do it thanks for you time justin

Umm you'd be better off asking some of the microcontroller guys about that, I think tech-king knows his stuff, guyfrom7up should aswell... You'd need a program in the controller that takes each signal for a pixel and uses that to run the correct led in the correct colour, it really isn't basic stuff, you may have some luck if you used an RGB video output, that way you'd have a little less complications...

thanks for that i will have to think a bit more out of the box then i will have to talk to someone to do with the micro control stuff thanks again thanks for your time justin