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riding lawn mower canopy? Answered

i want to make a canopy for my lawn mower and i just dont know what to do because if i use metal for the canopy if i run into a low branch it will catch and flip the mower but if i use pvc its too flexible any suggestions? i want to make one because buying one is way to expensive


The umbrella is the quickest DIY. Since you don't want to use PVC why not look at useing electrical conduit. It's metal and easy to work with.


7 years ago

Get yourself a small sun umbrella and bolt a small mount to the mower. An umbrella with an articulated canopy is better, because you can adjust the angle. Back in the day, most tractors came with this option.

umbrella w4.jpg

Coroflute just like for sale signs.

Have you gone through Geometry yet? You will learn that triangles are the stiffest shape out there. Build it out of PVC and use a "Y" connection near the corners to reduce flexing. The kind of "Y" you are looking for is a straight pipe with a 45 degree piece coming into the middle of the side. Then for the front, top of the canopy, place a 45 degree bend about 6" to 1' before the cross piece so that any branches ride up and over the canopy.

If you cannot find a "Y" coupler, you can simulate one using a standard "T" and a 45 degree bend coupled together with a very short peice of pipe, say 1" or so. This should be almost, if not just as, stiff as a regular "Y".

Don't forget to cross-brace the back to prevent flexing from side to side.

Good luck and have fun,