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rifle exercises Answered

Does anyone know of some good exercises for helping hold rifle steady? by exercises I mean which muscles to work on and how, as well as some shooting exercises. But, because I am 14 and live in Australia, I only have access to a gun at the range, which I go to twice a month, so obviously I can't do shooting exercises at home. thanks, THE MAD MAN


What Larissa said is good advice.  For actual physical exercise you could try getting a stick or broom handle and add weights to it toequal the weight of the rifle you use and attach a laser pointer to the end.  Then get in your shooting positions and hold the light on target for as long as you can.  Trying to increase the time you can hold it without moving.  Practice your breathing and you should soon feel the "burn" in the muscles your using.  Those are the muscles you want to work on with basic strength exercises.  Small steps taken over time will add up to better results.

I'll have to go and get a laser pointer when i get around to it, whenever that happens to be. Also, I was thinking that I might try and make a stock from a piece of wood but I had no reason to make it, but you gave me an idea (Thanks!). so i might try and get around to making it.

I shoot precision 22. and Air Rifle, Visualization is key. When you go to bed at night or during the commercials on the TV. Close your eyes and visualize holding the rifle in your normal stance, Looking down the barrel, having your hand on the grip and the smell of the powder, or the smell of your equipment that you can't wash (: And since this is your own imagination shoot a 10 every time. The best ten you can focus on.

When you first start visualization it's very difficult. You won't be able to see yourself how you really are. And if you're like me you may have some freek accidents in your mind where the gun does something that physics does not allow and shoots you. DON'T WORRY. It'll pass. I recommend 15 minutes a day.

If you were looking into physical exercise to help your hold, Core Exercises are great. Also weight lifting, many reps not a lot of weight. And anything aerobic 3 + days a week as long as you can manage.

Also writing in your shooters diary/ journal is KEY. i really hope you've developed that. It'll save you a lot of time and effort on your position if you know how exactly to set up your rifle each time and your problems and improvements and anything that comes to mind.

I hope that helped and it wasn't too basic. If you want less of an overview message me (:

Much Love, Larissa.

thank you!
I'll have to try and start doing those things, but I don't have a shooter's diary. Is that one of those books that you write down what stances you shot, load, caliber, gun you used etc?