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rolling work bench Answered

Does anyone have any feedback on workbenches on wheels? I've got some old shop lockers from a school that got demolished and I'd like to put wheels and a top on and use as a moveable work area. I've got two locking casters and two free moving casters to put on the bottom, but am not sure about the steadiness of the work surface. Any thoughts or Ideas? I will be putting tools in the locker so that will weigh it down quite a bit.

Foothill Frontier



8 years ago

The big casters are designed to keep rolling even under heavy load (I have a polypropylene mover's dolly that is rated for 3,000 pounds/1.35 T). You should really use four locking casters, and make sure they are all locked any time you use the bench. You could also consider adding manual jacks (posts that you screw down with a worm-drive to contact the floor).

As long as you can really lock it down for working, this is a terrific idea. If you do build it, please take lots of pictures and post an Instructable!


Reply 7 years ago

IF pushing that bench around on a level concrete floor, he/she could also consider "chocking" those wheels ~ in addition to locking them...