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safety razor blade? Answered

ok i just got me a safety razor and it came with some blades and was looking to see whats a good blade to go with i heard merkeur is a good one and i heard about a feather blade but i just started shaving with a safety i love it but i want on a basic idea which one is better i have rough hair and i heard about missing LDC with the cream to make the hair softer and its supposedly makes shaving alot easier any thoughts would be great thank you



Best Answer 8 years ago

My experience is the best shave and longest blade life can be gained very simply.

Wash your face with soap and rinse

Apply your chosen lather and rub into your beard well

Shave with the hair growth to minimise razor burn.

Re lather and shave again.

Rinse well and dry.

Now for the important bit.

Keep your razor and blade in a small container in oil. Any oil will do but if you use cooking oil change it every week. This stops the razor blade rusting and will keep it sharp enough to use for several months.

Rinse the blade before shaving. the residual oil helps smooth the shave.


8 years ago

Oh yeah, they say "safety" but they can still make you bleed...
They are probably made in Sheffield, but I need to go to bed...



8 years ago

I prefer the new razor. I think it's the Fusion or the next generation of the fusion. It has 5 blades and is ALMOST nick proof. I can shave in a hurry and never got a closer shave. The blades are expensive but see to last much longer then the old style safety blades.