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scheduling for RTOS? Answered

scheduling is process by which operating system decide which one task will be next on processor

scheduling determine the order in which task are executed

different os kernel may use different scheduling algorithm

scheduling algorithm

First Come First Serve (FCFS) Scheduling

Shortest-Job-First (SJF) Scheduling

Priority Scheduling

Round Robin(RR) Scheduling

Multilevel Queue Scheduling

why and which scheduling is used in RTOS  ?


this isn't the sort of question we answer, it looks like homework.

I am not asking whole question I just want to know which type of kernel and scheduling RTOS supports

The answer is all of them, it depends on the nature of the tasks to be handled, and it depends on which RTOS. There are probably dozens, QNX, RTLinux Windows CE, and those are the commercial ones I can remember. Most software engineers working in the field have attempted to roll their own RTOS at some point.

I don't have much knowledge about Just I have started to read about RTOS

I have google but I did not understand some thing I have some doubt

Q1 does RTOS support one or more kernel or one or more scheduling


there are two type of kernel

Monolithic kernels

Micro kernel

Monolithic kernels may be preemptive or non preemptive

preemptive Monolithic kernels

non preemptive Monolithic kernels

Micro kernel may be preemptive or non preemptive

preemptive Micro kernel

non preemptive Micro kernel

which kernel RTOS support

You need to read a lot more, you have too many terms to understand that you do not. Operating system design is an incredibly complex subject, and RTOS are a very special, subset. There is no meaningful way I can answer in the forum

thanks for reply , so thats why I am reading and asking some doubt

rtos kernel support micro kernel and preemptive kernel

my doubt is that I don't understand that they are different or same things

You can have a micro, pre-emptive kernel, micro describes the philosopy of design more than anything.

thanks lot that mean we have to design mircro kernel for rtos it may be preemptive or non preemptive

Am I correct ?