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schematic for fm radio jammer? Answered

need to build low power small fm jammer any just a schematic would do i can get parts and put together.



This is VERY illegal. As a consumer, you MUST comply with part 15 of the rules and regulations. Part 15 states that your device must accept any interference received, and it cannot cause any harmful interference. (Such as jamming an FM signal.) It is even more dangerous when you are jamming FM, since pretty much all radio stations are licensed. When anyone is licensed, they can whack you with so many fines, it isn't even funny.

Don't think that the FCC won't catch up to you if you use it. You would be surprised how much they enforce Part 15.

(Please realize that it is not illegal to own such a device, only to use it.)

False. If they are under one megawatt, perfectly legal.


6 years ago

Found this in a few seconds on the web.


Aye but don't attach an aerial to it!
- which would be why the diagram doesn't show where to attach the aerial or what dimensions it should be...?


on the diagram it shows a 6 turns thingy. that is your ariel

No, that's part of the resonant circuit; aerials are syblolised by something that looks like crucifix and a Y at the same time.