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school project help please? Answered

okay i have to make a wind meter for sci class. However it has to have certain things in it.
A motion transmission system;
A motion transformation system;
a speed change.
It must also use a variety  parts.

Most parts will be made available to me, and i have a few ideas.

Such as a pulley system to bring the spinning props movement to a way of changing it to another type of motion is where I'm up to




What is the question, what part of this assignment are you having difficulty with?


well the other systems dont make sense as what to do, to add them. If i had a choice to use digital, i would hook a volt meter and small hobby motor together lol.

Uhm... what you've just described is analog rather than digital. but it addresses most of the constraints you've described to us -- the motor-as-generator is certainly a "transformation system". And certainly the speed changes depending on how strong the wind is.

Though, as Burf says, you may be overcomplicating this; without seeing the exact assignment and what you have to work with, it's hard to be sure.

well it has to be safe to use, and look good, and it must be portable. Its context is a wind meter for wind surfing clubs


7 years ago

My suggestion, forget the pulley system and take a look at how whirligigs are built. Based on your description that's basically all you're trying to do.