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science fair Answered

i know theres a contest that just ended with the title science fair, but his post is because i need help with a schoool science fair. I don't want to use something already made because that would be too easy and I want to make something of my own. I'm in 9th grade honors physical science and I ned to come up with a topic soon and I just need some help. can you help me? pretty pretty please?


Build and test a Popsicle stick bridge. Don't think that Popsicle stick bridges are for little kids. You can do a lot with them. A friend of mine used to work for NASA and he used toothpicks. More important than your choice of materials is how you approach the project, do the testing, keep track of the results and analysis, and determine what went wrong. You can use glue and/or little nails (pins) to hold the bridge together. Research bridge designs before you build anything. Look especially at the old trestle designs and the early metal bridges for ideas. Modern prestressed concrete bridges have evolved way beyond the Popsicle stick technology but the same basics apply. Decide on a basic design and then test it until it breaks by adding weight to it. Draw the design carefully in three views (top, side, and front) as part of your project. Build and test at least 3 identical bridges so you have some confidence that they will break at the same weight. You might even build a Popsicle stick jig to make the bridges identical every time. Then build an identical bridge and do something different to it to try to make it stronger or lighter. Test three of those bridges and see if your design change made a difference. Keep testing three bridges at a time until you have to turn in the project - probably in November but start now.

Ok gud discussion going on,i must confess led products are the future,i have started using them in my home,mu cousin uses led displays for decoration ,she got discounted stuff from here.


im looking for something in engineering mainly, i enjoy designing and building thngs a lot. not electronics, im no good at that.

Any specific topics? There are projects to build a wind generator out of self-wound wire coils, magnets and pringle tubes, or you could build rockets or airplanes if you are into airodynamics. Any specific interest in a machine you would like to build? Another idea would be to build a loony machine, for example you light a candle, it will burn a rope, which releases a cart with a needle, it will pop a baloon, which will cause a hammer to smash a bottle, the watter runs into a scale, when the scale rises it will push a handle and so on, I bet you've seen those kind of things. Not very scientific excpept for basic movement physics, but very neat to look at!

rube goldberg devices? that may work well for physical science... i know you cover newton's laws in it.

Ooo, now there's an idea. And it is no picnic making a fairly complicated setup work (I watched the guys on MythBusters struggle with one), but they don't need to be quite that complicated either, just to demonstrate a few physical laws.

what leavle of engineering are you thinking of (simple, hard, advanced)

Hmm, ok how about attempting to design a windmill that pumps water from a will to a cistern more efficiently?

Well, what are your interests? Any specific topic you would like to work in?

random Interesting stuff:

Cool stuff, radios, motors, and so on

LED touch sensetive display

>Make 3v even out of a battery thats almost empty

>Art meets science and vice versa :-) And very cool projects such as candyfab.

>Use mouse as camera:

>Emergency easter egg locator ;-)

>Why tinfoil caps actually enhance reception :-)

Simple methods to make pictures, basic photography
>anthotypes, pictures with plant/leave "juice"

>cyanotype, two component, safe and easy iron based method

>cyanotpye rex, probably fast enough for simple high contrast pinhole camera experiments

>Easy and "not so toxic" silver based process